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Whole 30: Days Two & Three

Whole 30: Days Two & Three

For the most part, I have found the first few days of Whole 30 pretty easy. My everyday diet doesn’t consist of much dairy, wheat, or sugar, but there are two things that I decided on by the end of day three: 

1. Quick breakfasts are no longer a thing. 

I am the queen of pushing breakfast to the very last second, either having a quick bite of yogurt and granola, or a piece of toast, but, both of those are out. When I was reading about Whole 30, the one tip that came up over and over again was that meal prep will save you. Meal prep is definitely not my strong suit. It is easy enough to make double of whatever I am making for dinner, so I can have lunch the next day, but breakfast is killing me. 

Who preps breakfast? I am not going to eat left overs for breakfast, and the last thing on my mind in the evening is breakfast prep.

2. No hot sauce sucks!

I put hot sauce on everything. Eggs, stir-fry, tacos, popcorn (seriously, sriracha and popcorn will change your life). Hot sauce makes me happy, and the fact that I can’t have it makes me really sad. 

To clarify, hot sauce itself isn’t on the “no-list”, but every hot sauce I have has sugar on the ingredient list. If you guys know of a hot sauce that I can have while on Whole 30 comment down below, and I will love you forever!!!!!!

Here is what I have been eating these last two days:


Days 2

Breakfast: half a sweet potato, stuffed with pecans, nut and seed butter (no sugar, and no peanuts, calm down!), coconut milk, and cinnamon. 
Lunch: the other half of my breakfast sweet potato.
Dinner: thai chicken coconut soup.

Day 3

Breakfast: a poached egg on top of spinach, tomato, and avocado, with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.
Lunch: leftover thai chicken soup.
Dinner: tomato and ground beef pasta sauce served on spaghetti squash. 

With Love,
Megan Anne

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